Outline of the Games

2013 IBSA B2/B3 Futsal World Championship Outline of the Games


2013 IBSA B2/B3 Futsal World Championship


Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA)


International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA)


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the government of Japan
Japan Sports Association for the Disabled
Miyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Sports Promotion Foundation
Miyagi Sports Association for the Disabled
Miyagi Football Association
Sendai City
Rifu Town
Rifu Town Board of Education

Supporters (tentative)

Vegalta Sendai Co. Ltd.
Executive Committee of Vegalta Sendai Barrier Free Soccer
Tohoku Fukushi University
Sendai University
Sendai Vocational College of Health and Welfare
Grande21 volunteers


Organizing Committee of 2013 IBSA B2/B3 Futsal World Championship


4 (Mon) - 12 (Tue) Feb. 2013
4 (Mon) Arrival; Classification
5 (Tue) Classification; Practice
6 (Wed) Opening Ceremony; Group matches (Game #1, #2)
7 (Thu) Group matches (Game #3, #4)
8 (Fri) Group matches (Game #5, #6)
9 (sat) Tournament (Game #7, #8)
10 (Sun) Tournament (Game #9)
11 (Mon; Holiday) 3/4 Place (#10); Final (#11); Awarding ceremony
12 (Tue) Departure

Games Classification

B2/B3 classes(Partially sighted. All the visual classification will follow the IBSA rules)

Number of Participants (tentative)

4 countries (England, Ukraine, Russia , Japan)


Sekisuiheim Super Arena
40-1, Tate, Sugaya, Rifu, Miyagi, Miyagi
TEL: +81-22-356-1122


Best Western Sendai
25-5, Sanezawa Nakayama Minami, Izumi, Sendai, Miyagi
TEL: +81-22-719-8711

Organizing Committee

Japan Blind Football Association
1-23-7-4F, Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan <ZIP 169-0073>
TEL: +81-3-6908-8907; FAX: +81-3-6908-8908; E-mail: info@b-soccer.jp

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