• 2013/02/11


    Now we have done all games 2013 IBSA B2/B3 World Futsal Championship. Russia gained 1 goal, and victory this competition. Ukraine got second and fair play prize.

    England won the game against Japan 14-0 and got 3rd place. Japan made their best as a host country, but could not make up gaps with the world.


    1. Russia
    2. Ukraine
    3. England
    4. Japan
    • Fair Play Prize: Ukraine
    • MVP: 3 Evgenii Turkov (Russia)

    Visit here for all result, and here our FACEBOOK for showing you photos.

  • 2013/02/10


    Russia got a slot to the final today, by breaking England 2-1.

    Here is a result.

    Tomorrow, as the Final, Ukraine vs. Russia, 3rd place match, England vs. Japan, again.

  • 2013/02/09


    We had 7th and 8th matches today to the final.

    Ukraine won against Russia by 3-2, then Ukraina go the final.

    Russia has another chance with England who won against Japan today. This 9th match will take place tomorrow 12:00.

    Japan go 3rd place match on Sunday 11th February. Please visit here for checking all results and next games.

  • 2013/02/08


    We have finished Group League (Qualification matches) today. Tomorrow we will have the following games;

    UKR - RUS

    ENG - JPN

    You can check results here.

  • 2013/01/28


    Please refer to the following URL for game schedule and tournament information in detail.

  • 2013/01/23



    We regret to inform you that two teams, Turkey and Spain, decided NOT to participate in the upcoming 2013 IBSA B2/B3 Futsal World Championship. This was the very last moment to kick off, but IBSA, LOC, and the other participants agreed to hold it by 4 countries, England, Japan, Russia, and Ukraina.

    We are now sure that we will have a great championship with these 4 countries.

    Competition Style

    Group League

    • Round robin match as a preliminary round

    Page System Tournament

    • (1) Top 2 teams from group league go against. Winner will go final, loser will go semi-final again.
    • (2) The other 2 teams go against. Winner will go semi-final, loser will go 3rd place match.
    • (3) The loser of (1) against the winner of (2). Winner will go final, loser will go 3rd place match.
    • (4) The winner of (1) against the winner of (3) as final match. The loser of (2) against the loser (3) as a 3rd place match.

  • 2013/01/23


    We closed volunteers' entry today. Thank you very much for your participation.

    Accordingly, we get communication with volunteers basically e-mail, but in case you have not received any news from organizing committee, please callor e-mailus.

  • 2012/12/29


    Official English website was just opened.

    We're happy if you promote this website over the world!

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